DWI, Assault, Drug Cases, Expunctions, Murder, Domestic Violence, Manslaughter

Getting arrested is a difficult and stressful time.  At Morales Padia Law you will get the assistance you need with your case.  I will listen to your concerns and we will work together to get you the best results.  I will fight for you to get the best result and care.


School and Construction Zone, CDL, Occupational Licenses

Whether you get a traffic ticket or need an occupational license, Morales Padia Law can assist you and take the headache out of the process.  It can be a hassle to take off work and go to court, not to mention costly.


Additionally, if you have a CDL, special care needs to be taken to protect your license.  


Divorce, Child Custody, Adoptions, Child Support, Property Division

This is an extremely difficult and sensitive time.  I will work with you to get you through the legal process. As your attorney, I will listen to your concerns and educate you, so you can make informed decisions that best represent your interests.  I will aggressively fight for you and you can count on me to be on your side and advocate for your future.


Preparing for your future can be overwhelming to think about. Additionally, if you are faced with having to probate a will you may not be ready for what's ahead.  No matter what situation you find yourself in, I will be there with you to assist you very step of the way.   

Estate Management, Administration, Guardianship